Two – for the price of one (but for less than the value)

3 things challenge …. affair, share, after hours

SoCS …. flowers

OK. This is just plain lazy. Sitting here this morning and waiting for the sun and trying to contribute something. Was tickled a little bit by 2 Challenges (above) but too slack to give either of them the attention that they deserve.

Don’t bring me flowers

And expect


After hours

Bring respect

That we can share

Man and wife

Until then

It is my life

And not your affair

5 thoughts on “Two – for the price of one (but for less than the value)

    1. I was just trying to express my ultra-traditional female side (i.e. ‘you can give me all the flowers you like, but don’t expect me to fall for it. You’ll need a wedding ring to get this deal over the line.’

      My male side, on the other hand, holds the view that even a bunch of flowers is something of an extreme measure in the negotiation process.


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