A minor reversal of form

Those of you who have been following my sad entries in writing competitions (yes, both of you) may be startled to hear of an apparent form reversal in the most recent Fiction War event.

The final 15 were selected and somehow (conceivably via a clerical error) my name found its way onto the list.

Go figure.

28 thoughts on “A minor reversal of form

      1. lol that happens to me too, the ones I put together in a rsh seem better received than the ones I sweat over πŸ™‚
        Hope we’ll still talk when you’re published and famous?


      1. Ha ha! Yes, indeed. This blog started out, in fact, as a celebration of failure. There is something quite beautiful, don’t you think, about failing again and again but still coming back for more? It is not about resilience or pride. It’s about being happy in your own skin.


      2. Most of us started blogging in state of absolute despair and ended up celebrating it.
        It is. If you are coming back after a failure you are new and improved version of yourself. And people here are not bullies like real world so we don’t get ashamed of coming back. I am totally opposite person to the rest of the world because they dont allow creativity. It’s generally frawned upon.

        Yes. It seems so. We have to embrace life as an ongoing journey. Or we will be very disappointed.


    1. I had not really thought that far into it. There is no elegance in trying to fail. …. one must do it as a purely natural thing (artistically, in other words) so if I have failed to fail the implication is that I have deliberately tried to fail and fallen short of that goal …. which is just pathetic. So I see this one off event as being just a slight blemish in an otherwise perfect record.
      So it won’t happen again …. certainly not deliberately, anyway.


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