NYC Midnight Flash Fiction

I just received some news from this cruel event. The round 1 results are out!!!

I thought that my results were very ordinary last year.

Silly me!

I have lowered the bar even further.

In a field of about 3500 aspiring writers I am currently running equal last.

Nice work, Brutus!

20 thoughts on “NYC Midnight Flash Fiction

    1. Probably not. But there are a couple of others currently stranded on the same pointscore (0). No doubt they will improve their position in the next assignment. I, on the other hand, will respond with maturity and refuse to continue with the torture. So, yes, it is likely that I will place dead, stone-cold, motherless last.

      A new low.

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      1. Or, perhaps you are the foundation of the results table. Without you, it would all collapse. It is an admirable, and vital, role. I take off my hat to you, my good sir.

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