I don’t need you

I jotted down these few words in response to Lizardin who, I must say, sounds about as cheerful as I do. But it is (I hope obviously) not directed at her and I’m not even sure if this is what she is talking about. So I post it on its own.


I didn’t drop by for a chat

For platitudes of this and that


I didn’t need to hear you cry

Or reminisce of days gone by

Or hear you speak of matters trite

Or tell of dreams you had last night


I didn’t need to touch your skin

Or what it is you hide within

I didn’t need to hear your call

I’ve never needed you at all


Don’t think that I am judging you

Not that I’m bothered if you do

For that is why I am not there

The fact is that I just don’t care


So kindly do not think me rude

If I prefer my solitude

19 thoughts on “I don’t need you

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful. Yes, part of my writing means exactly that, but the other…

    It is a fact, I breath alone,
    I court my pride and freedom is my home.
    However, I’d feel better,
    If I had someone nagging me about the weather.

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      1. Yes, yes…I’m sorry did I say I care
        About the changes in the air?
        I couldn’t bother. Not as such…
        I am not sorry if I am too much.
        However, skies are ready for a “boom”
        Is this is pleasant or too soon?

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