Chrissie on Rockwiz R.I.P.

William over at a1000mistakes challenged me to come up with my ‘Top 10’ duets from this Oz quiz show in response to his own Here I have struggled a bit due to the fact that 1. He took a lot of the best ones (Summer Wine, for example) 2. Some of them seem to be no longer available (What happened to Blue Christmas with Tex Perkins and Paris wells?) and 3. I’m a lousy researcher.

Nevertheless I add a ‘Top 8’ ….. more as an adjunct to his rather than a ‘mine are better than yours’ type of thing.

My own personal biases, no doubt, shine through.

To those of you (most of you) unfamiliar with the show I should mention that they are not supposed to be highly polished performances. They are done with a minimum amount of rehearsal and are, therefore, a bit raw in places. They are all performed by highly skilled and experienced artists who have a wealth of their own work to boast about, but they are all (obviously) cover versions.

I list my own 8 in no particular order.

Isabella Manfredi and Steve Cummins

Deb Conway and Tex Perkins

Dan Kelly and Martha Wainwright

Chris Cheney and Christie Amphlett

Kat Spazzy and Chris Bailey

Neesa Morgan and Ross Wilson

Jess Cornelius and Mike Rudd

Not really a duet but

Dog Trumpet and the Wolfgramm Sisters

14 thoughts on “Rockwiz

      1. Of course I did… That version of Love Hurts was like an aftertaste of my teen years… Oh how I cried listening to it back then… I guess I’ll never learn to toughen that soft heart of mine… *sigh*

        It was also heart pinching to listen to Chrissie, I know how much you like her…

        I’d be honored to become an honorary Aussie πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the thought xx


      2. Chrissie was special, to be sure, but announced that she had MS shortly after that clip was taken and died 6 years later with breast cancer.
        But there are others in that mix. Mike Rudd has been very special to me. I have spoken to Ross Wilson maybe three times at best, but I consider him to be one of the true heroes of Australian music. Steve Cummings is one cool dude but looks a bit overdone in the clip (actually maybe that is just how he looks) Deb Conway is charming.
        I thank you for not scoffing about this little trip down nostalgia valley.


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