A bit late to negotiate


Tales from the mind of Kristina word prompt – Negotiate


I know that this all sounds bizarre

But trust me baby, I’m not far

I got a call from Zanzibar

Then had some issues with the car


Volcanoes out on Molokai

Pouring rain in old Versailles

Was waiting for my pants to dry

And didn’t see the time go by


An email came from Timbuktu

Tell me, what was I to do?

A cry for help – someone I knew

I had to fly to Kathmandu


I left my suit in Baltimore

Another made in Singapore

All organised by now, I’m sure

Won’t keep you waiting anymore


Don’t let these mishaps seal my fate

Baby, I’m just running late

At the altar you must wait

And there we can negotiate

6 thoughts on “A bit late to negotiate

  1. ah pops you are a natural … poet and deserter … not sure Mum will appreciate her story being blogged but then you’re not in her good books anyway
    And this explains why you blog so seldom with a round the world schedule like this …

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  2. Curioser and curiouser: On the last post of yours I visited I used the word ‘bizarre’ in a comment, then I randomly hit another one, to find the same word in the first line of your composition. The universe is an odd place!


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