Three Quotes, Three Day’s …. Final addition

I am sitting in the lounge at the airport of a major US city. The lounge is owned by Air France but they share it with KLM. The staff is comprised of eight or nine sweet little Japanese ladies. Soon they will call me to a red and white motorbird bound for the land of Oz. If I had needed a reminder of the cultural diversity of the planet then I need it no more.

But it is not quite Day 3. But by the time I get home it will be Day 4. So I am getting ahead of myself rather than getting  behind myself.

I am sticking with ‘authors who have changed my life’ but this time, instead of dead American guys I am going with a very much alive Australian …..

“Or about how when you’re a child, to stop you from following the crowd you’re assaulted with the line “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” but when you’re an adult and to be different is suddenly a crime, people seem to be saying, “Hey. Everyone else is jumping off a bridge. Why aren’t you?”

Steve Toltz, A Fraction of the Whole

Thanks again Bag Lady

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