Hello Nursey,


I have no idea where this comes from but its ‘stream of consciousness’ time and …. come on …. who hasn’t fallen for a nurse once or twice?

For Linda’s #soc do I get extra points for starting AND finishing with the word why?

Why do you look over me?
How could I so lucky be?
Holy Moley
Goodness me
I’m besotted
Can’t you see?

Heavens to Betsy
Me O my
These are tears of joy
I cry
You take my pulse
As here I lie
And take my heart
I wonder why?

9 thoughts on “Hello Nursey,

  1. I think it has to do with the sensation of a woman’s touch after so many years of neglect, our minds take us places we can only dream about. I think for the nurse it’s a good thing we behave like that as it makes her job so much easier.


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