Magic Smile


I think this one has a slightly misogynistic tone to it. Sorry. I hope the photo balances that out

First Line Friday

His smile was like some kind of magic

and me. A tragic

Waiting for Him to cast His spell

and to lightly sell

me a line that i could tightly hold

and allow Him to mould

me into the shape

of His desire

and texture of

His pleasure


for Him to admire

as treasure.

7 thoughts on “Magic Smile

      1. Nah, even with that explanation I get more of a Raglan Road impression – unrequited attraction, mournfully expressed.
        A bit more sad than my initial sense of budding romance and a girl poetically waxing about possibilities. But I’m a bit odd on my best days 😉

        Still, even with melancholy added I think it’s lovely.


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