continuing my extensive series on stating the bleeding obvious I respond to

Sammi’s 75 word challenge.


Looking up I saw what had been looking back for an eternity. Beyond the clouds, the sky, the stars, the universe. Beyond the random Godlessness of existence. There was nothing.

Oh. Gee.

It was an epiphany of sorts, I suppose, and I initially felt the urge to spread the word. But suddenly lacked the fortitude. Anyway, I thought, they’ll all find out for themselves sooner or later.

I decided to have a vanilla milkshake instead.


7 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. I wish all evangelicals could share your lack of enthusiasm.
    I’d have gone for chocolate myself. I find vanilla to be too boring over to drink in quantity, and banana and strawberry get sickly. And in the UK we don’t tend to see other flavours. I just want coconut & pistachio 😥


    1. I admit that the choice of flavouring was, like the nature of existence, a purely random selection. Though, upon further reflection, perhaps the bland reputation of vanilla speaks of the experience of contemplating meaninglessness. Chocolate, on the other hand, conjures thoughts of Easter – the celebration of which, of course, presents a stark contradiction to the acceptance of reality. There is something intrinsically silly about bananas and I don’t want anyone to think I am being silly about all of this. Strawberry is just a bit too colourful when we are discussing something that, clearly, is black and white. Or maybe just black.
      Straight whisky may have been a better choice.


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