More Silly Verse for Grownups



9F742BB4-CFCE-4CAD-833A-5A2F377B2EF8I try to post something most days. I’m not sure why. Frequently I fail.

Anyway ….. I was reading Amandia’s thoughts Here contemplating her place in the cosmos and jotted down a few lines.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of what I do is to scribble crude graffiti on beautiful murals …… but that is not my intention.

I’m walking and I’m talking
But I’m fearing what I’m hearing
And I’m wondering what it means
To be a human being
As we’re eating and we’re drinking
I think our boat is sinking
I don’t think I can swim
But I feel like fleeing

I lack the dedication
To take my medication
There’s voices in my head
And they’re scaring me to death
I went to my physician
To attend to my condition
He handed me a bill
That took away my breath

I have this strange fixation
That we’re heading for damnation
I’ve read it in the papers
And I’ve seen it in the stars
I’ve had this premonition
Of a worsening condition
I think I best investigate
What life is like on Mars

People find it sad
That I’m stark raving mad
I don’t know rhyme from reason
Don’t know what life’s about
But maybe it’s humanity
That suffers from insanity
And it’s me who’s seeing clearly
And I’m the odd one out.

4 thoughts on “More Silly Verse for Grownups

    1. I will see you there. Rugby, as you know, is the game they play in heaven, but I am not sure if it has really taken off on Mars yet. It may be up to you and me to get things up and running.


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