22 thoughts on “Slim Chance to Dance

      1. well dad you walked out long ago so maybe a few dances might help mend the damage, Pete doesn’t like to dance. In fact he welshed out on the wedding waltz which was heart breaking for me.


      2. On the other hand maybe ‘a few dances’ may cause more damage. A dance with me frequently results in one or both of us ending up in traction. I suspect that my son-in-law and I might reside in the same camp in this regard. Perhaps he was averse to risking any injuries with an eye to more athletic pursuits later in the evening.

        (By that I mean, of course, that he was planning to watch the football and didn’t want to do so with a sprained ankle).

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      3. Gee … that comment may have pushed the boundaries a bit ….
        I am confident that any nerves on Dave’s part on the big night have been more than compensated for by his actions in the subsequent years.

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