Daily Prompt



Suddenly alone
An empty bed
Suddenly a home
Is a prison instead
A shift in perspective
A flash in your head
It was nothing I did
It was nothing I said

Suddenly adrift
On a rolling sea
Suddenly you have
Forgotten me
Clipped my wings
Then set me free
Is this how things
Would always be?


11 thoughts on “Suddenly

    1. LOL I couldn’t help laughing when I saw that you had commented your own post!! I was about to say how much I enjoyed the poem, but I am now afraid you’ll question my judgement 😛

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  1. Bugger … didn’t mean to send that.

    It’s true Kate, that thoughts of your mother have rendered me a bit emotional. But I don’t think you are old enough to fully understand the complexities of the relationship. Apart from that mention of the ladies at the tennis club (dalliances, casual diversions … nothing to compare with the spiritual entanglement I experienced with your mother) you will have noticed that she rarely even mentions me. Neither her or myself are capable of putting our intense feelings into words. Perhaps that’s the way it should stay. And perhaps you might understand it when you are a bit older.


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