The worst poetry in existence – a fond memory.

I used to write quite a bit of poetry when I was young. Some of it was sort of OK, some of it was bad and some of it was terrible. So ….In response to this prompt HERE I offer to you the absolute worst poem I have ever written. I gave it to a friend when we were both about 15 and he put it to music. Such was his talent that it then sounded like a sweet masterpiece. He has become something of an internationally acclaimed music aficionado since. I have remained a (mostly) cheerful nobody. Importantly we remain very close friends. As a result of all that I can never really get it out of my head …..

Harry my uncle

Lives in the jungle

Resides with the birds and bees

Gorillas he likes them

But the things tend to bite him

And the pollen it makes him to sneeze.

(I think there was some sort of strange chorus and a second verse, but both are long gone from anyone’s memory)

7 thoughts on “The worst poetry in existence – a fond memory.

      1. The truth is that I don’t write poetry, and never really have. I just get amused by putting words into some sort of silly order and tempo. In youth I put together a lot of younger-in-cheek epic ballads that rambled on for pages and pages. I recall another I wrote for a friend which was read at her wedding and that I was asked to read at her funeral. That was a tough gig.

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