Goodbye, so long, I must mosey along

I don’t know where this comes from but it found it’s way into my head in response to Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday suggestion of #goodbye/farewell and her touching story of her grandmother’s last night.
I don’t really know what appeals to me about these few lines. Possibly the simplicity.

Maybe we’ll meet again some sunny day
Hi Ho you never know your luck
‘till then goodbye, so long
I must mosey along

And, in the same vein, here’s a retelling of an old Oz farewell song

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, so long, I must mosey along

    1. Indeed it is my friendly ghost. I am assuming that you are referring to Mike and Bill and not the little ditty that preceded them. You should, perhaps, listen to the original version for a perspective (its easy to find). Once upon a time it was an iconic Australian tune and they were Australian icons but, sadly, Bill succumbed to a heart attack a few years back and the last time I saw Mike perform it was in a sad old room that was all but empty. He sat with me awhile and we had a beer. “Actually,” he said, “the acoustics in here are amazing!”


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