Mashed Potato. Yeah.

Song Lyric Sunday
I came across a recent reference to mashed potato and song lyrics Here and was reminded of a release from the distant past of a single by ‘Billie Thorpe and the Aztecs’ of that very title. The lyrics were as follows:

“Mashed Potato,

That’s it – that’s the entire song (though repeated over and over again). I’m not sure that anyone actually makes any claim to having written those inspired lyrics. I dare say I could claim them as my own and nobody would dispute it.

OK … I grant you that it was not a high point in Australian art. Nevertheless I do have fond (though by nature of the events themselves, somewhat vague) memories of the Aztecs and Billy Thorpe in particular.

Sadly, Billy is no longer with us. so he can be mentioned in the same sentence as Dolores. In terms of a lifetime poetic contribution he may not belong on the same page but …. geee …. he did have a certain raw energy and lust for life that you don’t come across every day.

So … for what it’s worth here he is

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