This weeks #1MinFiction

Nortina’s suggestion this week is Whirlwind

Inspired a little by Kate
My brief take on it is …..

She came like a whirlwind into my life late on a Tuesday afternoon. It was winter and with the night right behind her she appeared from nowhere through the snow at my window.
“Let me in,” she demanded.
Who could say no?
Once she had removed her coat and shoes and sat warming her toes by the fire I ventured to ask, “where did you come from?”. She chose not to answer directly but instead turned and pointed back out through the same window where all was now dark and bleak. I think I understood.

By Friday afternoon she was rearranging the furniture and instituting compulsory changes to the dietary traditions of the household. She refused to eat any meat other than fish yet smoked 20 cigarettes a day. She repainted the bathroom. Every night when I went to bed she was sitting in the same chair smoking and reading books that had been gathering dust on the shelves for decades. Every morning when I arose she was doing the same. I don’t think she ever slept.

Somewhere during all this she must have changed clothes because she looked just a little bit different every day. Though I don’t remember her coming with luggage. Her hair was long, dark and disheveled when she arrived but short and blonde three days later.

As soon as the weather lifted she was gone. There was a note pinned to the kitchen door.

“Keep watching for me,” the note said.


I did not have time in the allocated sixty seconds to figure out what it is supposed to mean.

One thought on “This weeks #1MinFiction

  1. Intriguing character. She came by whirlwind and was a whirlwind herself. One has to wonder if she was real, or if somehow his mind conjured her up so he wouldn’t be alone during the snow storm. I love stories like this, that leave you with so many questions. Great writing!


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