NYC Flash Fiction Competition 2017

Another competition. Another failure.

This time the format is 1000 words over a 48 hour period.

Round 1 is in two parts. Contestants are separated, as usual, into heats with the winner of each heat scoring 15 points, second place 14 points, third place 13 points …. and so on down to 1 point. After two challenges the top five point scorers in each heat progress to Round 2. I don’t know what happens in Round 2.

My first challenge was Horror/A prison/A hairdryer. No problem.

Here is what popped out …..

Waiting for the Sunrise

The ending was a tad ambiguous and, as a horror story, it wasn’t all that horrific ….. BUT …. it did score 12 points. So …. an uncharacteristicly promising start.

My second challenge was Mystery/A Wetland/A locked safe.

With a few points on the board I thought I could take a few risks and try something a bit different. And so this is what happened ….

The Burundian Diamonds

2 points. Bugger.

2 thoughts on “NYC Flash Fiction Competition 2017

  1. Burundian.. – definitely written by an African with Wilbur Smithian flair to captivate, and then, then judged by NYC literati who have not a clue what that big black hole in the middle of the world, called Africa, is all about…
    Too short by far and very enjoyable.
    I was just putting another piece of mopane on the fire, — adding some more Zambian palpitations into the kettle and a piece of coal into the pipe filled with mosquito repellant Magaliesberg Horseshoe tobacco, — when the rest of the story was suddenly absorbed into my endless view of the Busanga plains…


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