The Final Frontier

There’s no Captain Kirk stuff here, sorry. No fiction at all, in fact, let alone science fiction. A dose of reality instead. I just used the Star Trek reference to attract a new audience. I doubt that it will work.

Below is what sprang from a ‘death ballad’ written by Kate. Creepy, eh? The inspiration originates with d’verse, but since they asked for a ballad this doesn’t really qualify. Kate’s contribution is a sort of tribute to her mother with whom I had a sort of …. never mind … so – its a bit sad, really, but at the same time sort of hopeful.

Recent medical experiences have given rise to me contemplating my own approaching final frontier (I’ve been going on about it for years, though, as everybody knows. Nothing to worry about) and so here are a few thoughts.


There ain’t no guarantee about the thing that’s coming next

But I think I’ve got a pretty fair idea

There ain’t no nothing special at the ending of the text

So there ain’t no nothing frightening to fear

There won’t be any answer when my maker makes a call

There’ll be no parting messages from me

I won’t be getting judgement when the curtain starts to fall

No applause. ‘Cause it’s just me. Ceasing to be

Thanks for being with me on this roller coaster ride

It’s been special for me holding dear your hand

It would have been so clear if you had casted me aside

But I’m glad you chose instead to understand

I don’t know if you recognised the turning of the tide

But when I’m gone, I don’t suppose you’ll really care

But please don’t come a looking for me on the other side

‘Cause I can guarantee to you I won’t be there


I tried to make it cheerful. The sort of thing you might sing along with friends after a few drinks.

That would be nice.

11 thoughts on “The Final Frontier

  1. Sorry to tell you this, but I have every intention of seeking you out on the other side. I’ll find you! (This won’t be for several decades, though.) You can run (or float away), but you can’t hide. Great poem!! 🙂

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    1. Oh, come on …. You don’t think it’s got a bit of a sea shanty feel to it? Do you think if I sang it with a pirate voice that you might find it amusing? No? I guess not.
      Anyway … let’s make the best of things for now. These are the best years of our lives.


  2. I don’t fear death. I’m not ready to go yet, but I don’t think its anything to fear. In some cases, like long term illness and pain, it can be a blessing.

    I don’t see anything wrong with joking about it either. Of course we’re sad wgen our loved ones are no longer with us, but they ARE… in our hearts and memories.


  3. lol fabulous pops, we obviously have a similar outlook on death!

    I had a NDE at 19yo, motorbike accident and had my will prepared since then .. obviously that was only a few years ago but people get freaked when I mention it. Best to be prepared and I’ll gladly sing this shanty at your wake!


  4. The title was dark. Then, so was the image. Then, your first paragraph.
    You had me worried. Glad to hear that all is status quo and that you are dying at the same rate as the day before.
    The poem/ballad is far from cheery but I did enjoy the last 2 lines the most.


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