A Bit of Grief on a Sunday

Because, let’s face it, Sunday is a day for grieving – even if it’s only over your football team’s failure on Saturday.

Zeina introduced the idea of ‘grief knocking on the door’ and it occurred to me that most of us are actually quite welcoming hosts, when it comes to grief, as long as the welcome is not overstayed.

Here’s my reply, anyway …


Grief knocked on the door

I beckoned grief in

Grief’s never alone

It will find grief within

Grief casts the first stone

I am not without sin

In a battle of conscience

‘Tis grief that will win

But grief is my confidant

Grief knows its place

If I cannot hold you

Then it’s grief I’ll embrace

Grief stares from below

God cares from above

I would never know grief

Had I never known love


14 thoughts on “A Bit of Grief on a Sunday

  1. Some people seem to seek grief out, send invitations… I treat grief like i do the church people that knock on my door. I talk to them for a few minutes, but don’t invite them in.

    Now joy has a key, always welcome!

    Oh, I like your poem too.😆

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  2. Thanks for responding with this beautiful post. I really like how you embraced grief in the poem 😁

    Grief isn’t a straight line. Grief is like waves some are manageable while other can be suffocating. It can never overstay it’s welcome because it never fully leaves. If we resist it and kick it out it will return much worse. So we simply start working with it by building a new life. We learn to ride all it’s waves the highs and the lows by accepting them.

    Grief is connected to LOVE like you mentioned above and love never dies.❤
    Thanks for this beautiful response.

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      1. To actually make someone else’s day must be one of the greatest possible human achievements. Whilst I suspect that you may be exaggerating just a tiny bit I would be very proud to believe that I had even the faintest possible positive impact on your last 24 hours. Thank you.

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