More Silly Poetry

Actually … to use the word poetry must be a bit insulting to actual poets. I apologise unreservedly.

Let’s just call it a post. But take note. I posted yesterday as well. So that’s two days in a row! I’m on a roll!

This comes in response to Eugi and via Rugby843. (with all football in hibernation I just like saying the word ‘rugby’ … it gives me hope of returning to a normality in which nothing really matters all that much).

It is supposed (according to the prompt) to be about harmony and that seems, to me, to be a rare commodity these days and probably always has been.


If God created all we know

She must have done so long ago

And then lost interest half way through

Found something else she’d rather do

Lots of bits left unconnected

Major errors uncorrected

Oh God! Why did you leave us here?

Your last instructions so unclear

Those Ten Commandments. What a curse!

We daily make things so much worse

And so we know we’ll never see

A universe in harmony


Just to be clear … I’m a staunch atheist, but I like having God around to share some of the blame.

18 thoughts on “More Silly Poetry

  1. “The Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart” Genesis 6:6 I’m a Christian, but you aren’t wrong here. Basically the rest of the events of the Bible lead up to Jesus needing to come and be a sacrifice to atone for the humans and the ultimate path to the end of days. C’est la vie 🤷


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