Forgive me Lord, for I have grinned.


That was a terrible pun. Although I find the concept of God (especially the Christian one) absolutely laughable I do try not to laugh about it all that much. Sort of.

Sometimes things get the better of me.

Cyranny wrote a post dealing with the idea of a ‘Fallen Angel’ and I thought I might run with that idea by creating some lyrics for a sort of teen love song (a former specialty of mine) that ended up in the back seat of a car.

But I got a bit off track. So the accompanying picture is irrelevant. But it is special to me, nonetheless.


Fallen Angel. Rising Star

Tell me where you’ve been so far

Tell me all that I might see

If I should be so heavenly

Tell me of your God above

Tell me of His boundless love

But. Tell me. Did you have some doubt?

Is that why He cast you out?

Did you look, but could not see?

His precious holy trinity?

Did you think, but could not say

That there might be another way?

Did you touch, but could not feel

Everything He claimed was real?

Did you see the acrobat?

Angel. Did you smell a rat?

You felt Him here. You felt Him there

You felt him in your breath. Your air

You felt Him in your heart. Your core

You need not feel Him anymore

That was His night. This is your day

You didn’t need Him anyway

For He was never there at all

So. Angel. Let me break your fall

19 thoughts on “Forgive me Lord, for I have grinned.

      1. ‘In my big red cape
        And my silver socks
        I’ll boogie woogie
        And this house will rock
        You’ll rock with me
        But you’ll never touch the floor
        I’ll wear you out
        But you’ll still crave for more
        I’ll teach you things
        That you can’t read in books
        I may be ugly
        But I sure can cook.’

        Ahhh …. those were the days ….


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