Beware of stuff that rhymes


I was reading another piece from Stella in which she describes (eloquently) her unrequited love for a poet. I thought it appropriate (though maybe it wasn’t) to deliver her a response by way of a warning.

This is what it looked like.


Beware the man with velvet tongue

Resist the love song that he’s sung

Ignore his deftly crafted lies

Repel his lips. Avoid his eyes

Look instead into his soul

Into the void. The deep black hole

He waits. He preys upon the meek

He hungers. Feeds upon the weak


Beware the poet, weary friend

Defy the trickster with the pen

Don’t touch his words,  don’t read his mind

It is a mask he hides behind

Don’t let the juggler near your heart

Don’t give the sorcerer a start

Don’t let the fraudster near your bed

Find a novelist instead



19 thoughts on “Beware of stuff that rhymes

      1. Well … I was suggesting that the good novelists should imbibe on the more sophisticated beverages. Leave the hard stuff and the cigar smoke to the intolerably deep thinking poets.
        As neither a poet or a novelist myself I am, in all regards, as cheap as chips.


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