Outback life.:

The Three things challenge took on an Oz theme this week with the words ‘mozzie’ ‘garbo’ and ‘bogan’. I chose to add a few more.

Many of you may have no idea of what I am talking about.

I hope not, anyway.


I’m living somewhere

Back of Bourke

Pissed as a fart

I’m out of work

Nowhere to go

Nothing to do

Outnumbered by

The kangaroo

Where crocs and spiders

Hunt in packs

Where mozzies bite through


No Nancy-boys

No poofters here

Just long hot days

And ice cold beer

I love me dog

I love me ute

I’d love a jillaroo

To root

But since she’s gone

On walkabout

I think it’s me

That’s missing out

For though that shiela’s gone

I’m sure

She’s banging like

A dunny door

A tragedy

Of bogan life

The garbo ran off

With me wife

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