A Family Restaurant

I had reason to visit a ‘Hooters’ franchise in Long Beach, California recently. A friend wanted me to buy a tee shirt for his wife. It was meant as a joke and, apparently, as soon as he was released from hospital they had a good laugh about it.

I was just a little bit surprised, on the day, to discover that they were promoting themselves as a ‘family restaurant’. I had previously assumed that ‘family’ implied that there were lots of things to amuse the kids and that ‘restaurant’ implied a certain minimum standard of nutritional offerings. As far as I could tell, unless the kids were still breast feeding, Hooters were not really keeping up their end of the bargain.

Don’t get me wrong. The staff were friendly and the beer was cold. If not for other commitments I would have been happy to linger. I am just suggesting that a bit of ‘truth in advertising’ might be a appropriate. ‘Cold beer and tits’ would be fine. I doubt that it would have any negative impact on the bottom line.

Anyway …… I would have let this all pass if it were not for a post from Lou. Lou has been a bit quiet of late and it was refreshing to see him back. He has always been a monument to good taste and his thoughts on ‘Hooters’ this morning was no exception.

All this is to preface the fact that my reply to Lou was tasteless, misogynist and misdirected. But I repeat it anyway. Because, just occasionally, that can be a bit liberating.

They stand up straight

And look their best


Puff out their chest

But think me purile

Think me rude

That I am not here

For the food

I do not judge

I do not care

I did not see

My daughter there

I think, though

We have missed the point

If Hooters is

A family joint.

6 thoughts on “A Family Restaurant

  1. Marleen

    I knew of a guy — a builder — who got a divorce partly involving a Hooters. He had taken it upon himself to invite his own as well as his wife’s family over for Christmas dinner, and then he left for Florida. To see a car race there. Obviously. While on the trip, he visited a Hooters… to eat. What? You don’t think that’s why he went there? He swore it was so. (Oh, he also stole money from a customer to pay for the trip and the food.) You can imagine his wife was already mad she had to entertain everyone alone, but then she finds out (one has to wonder how) that part of his entertainment was a different sort of family and meal.


    1. Yes …. sort of odd though. If one wants to find somewhere to eat there are countless better options and if one wants to look at breasts there are also establishments that specialise in such things (or so I am told) so Hooters is really a bit of a sad compromise on both counts.
      I suppose they come into the market at a certain price point, though. Perhaps this guy’s marriage came crashing down because he was cheap.


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